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You may have your destination in mind:

Call us and we’ll do the rest.

If you are traveling to a foreign destination we will assist you in obtaining the proper documentation and visas for your trip.  We offer advice and information about necessary  immunizations  required for your destination and precautions you should adhere to while abroad.  We are here not only to help plan a pleasant holiday,  but  we want to educate you  so that you are armed with knowledge to have the safest vacation as possible.  



The possibilities are endless when planning a trip to Europe.  Deciding on what country is at the top of your bucket list and how you want to experience the trip can be mind boggling.  Here at V I P Travel Service our consultants have traveled extensively.  


We can customize trips or suggest popular tour companies.  Options include concentrating on one city, one country or visiting multiple countries on one trip overseas.  

River Cruising is an option for traveling to many cities in Europe with a  luxury experience.  Unpack once and float peacefully along the major rivers throughout Europe seeing iconic landmarks along the journey.  


Exotic Holiday

The Caribbean is always the perfect destination to escape Rochester's long cold winter.  

Let us suggest an all-inclusive resorts that will match your personality and interests.  No matter if you are looking for a small quaint resort or a big resort with a party atmosphere, we know what is right for you.

Cruising is another favorite vacation choice for visiting the Caribbean. Travelers need only to unpack once and enjoy visiting many destinations on one vacation.  Choosing a cruise can be a daunting task for travelers unfamiliar with the cruise industry.  Susan has traveled on 80 + cruises.  She knows the ports and cruise lines and was just on the inaugural sailing of the largest cruise ship on the planet, Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas.    


Fierce Lion

Africa is a hot destination for travelers looking to get close to amazing animals and wildlife.  The owners of V I P Travel Service (Susan and Robert) have visited Kenya and South Africa and are excited to share their knowledge with travelers.  

Lidia has widely traveled the Orient.  She has spent time in Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea. She has also experienced a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railroad from St. Petersburg, Russia to Beijing, China.  

Their expertise on these locations is an asset to any traveler wanting to be prepared for a true adventure.  


Explore the USA , we are here to help you design a perfect itinerary so that you can enjoy any locations across our great country.  Simply need a flight, rental car and hotel or would like to take a tour we have the resources to plan the perfect vacation package for you and your family. 

Jeanne, is V I P Travel Service's National Park expert.  With her guidance you can't go wrong.

If you want to travel farther south, we are able to plan trips to Mexico, Central America and South America.  

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