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Solo, But Not Alone

I am going to start by saying, if you get the chance to travel solo, do it!

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Alaska and enjoyed an incredible cruise on Celebrity Eclipse. I have been dreaming of traveling solo for a few years and jumped at the offer.

On my own I had the freedom to go where my fancy took me. I didn’t have to worry about negotiating or discussing plans with a traveling companion. I could sleep in or get up early. I could go to the café, order room service or take my time having a leisurely dinner in the dining room. My favorite foody experience was having Alaskan crab legs while visiting Icy Straight point.

-Alaska Crab Legs

I could choose my own adventure during shore excursions. I had the choice to chat with people, make new acquaintances or find a quiet spot to relax and take in the beauty around me.

-Icy Straight Point, drinking a beer in Red Solo Cup on beach all by myself.

Traveling solo allows you the ability to have the time to interact with people not in your circle of friends and family. When you are traveling with others you may not take the time to meet new people.

-Vancouver Capilano suspension bridge

Made friends with a couple from San Francisco and spent the day taking turns snapping photos for each other.

I am a fairly outgoing person and can easily chat with fellow travelers and locals. On my recent travels I never felt alone or lonely. It was a pleasure to meet people from different walks of life.

If you are not a chatterbox like me, step out of your comfort zone. You are never going to see these people again so why not start a conversation; you may learn something or hear an interesting story.

One con of traveling solo on a cruise, all-inclusive or tour groups is cost. Many companies will charge you based on double occupancy or impose a single supplement fee. To avoid paying supplemental fees call your Travel Consultant. Travel Consultants are given heads up when cruise lines are offering waivers for single travelers or know of resorts and tour companies that offer solo travel promotions.

In the future the majority of my travel will continue to be with a companion, but my mind is churning over where and when I can venture out again on my own! I might even get brave and head off to a non-English speaking country? Stay tuned!

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