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Where in the World, What in the World?

Where in the World, What in the World?

Sara LiPera-4/8/2022

Travelers are ready to venture out of the grips of COVID and back on the road of world adventures. Travel restrictions and entry requirements in many countries have lifted.

In the last year a big part of the Travel Advisors role has been to help clients navigate the ever changing entry requirements of each and every destination. While some countries remained open and did not require any new entry requirements others made visitors jump through hoops.

Mexico was an easy entry, attest to no COVID symptoms and show your passport. Bermuda on the other hand required; PCR test within 3 days of travel and proof of vaccination downloaded on to the government website along with a $75.00 fee to cover medical cost if you became ill while on the Island. Then the waiting game began while you waited to be approved for entry and receive and email with a document that needed to be carried and shown multiple times while navigating the airport.

The stress on travelers was evident as together we slogged through the requirements and tried to figure out what kind of test and how long in advance you could take the test to meet all the entry requirements.

As of today the US government still requires international travelers to present a negative COVID test taken within 24 hours prior to reentry to the States. If you don’t have the proof you will not be allowed to board your return flight.

This requirement brings up a lot of questions. What if I can’t come home? Where do I go to quarantine? In this situation a Travel Advisor becomes an important member of your team. If you get the terrible heartbreaking news that you are positive with COVID, your Travel Advisor will be working behind the scenes rescheduling your flights and finding you accommodation to complete your quarantine process.

Like every journey we take in life, travel is not without risk. As a Travel Professional my job is to help you avoid foreseen obstacles and navigate unexpected roadblocks along the way.

If you have never taken advantage of the services a Travel Consultant can provide, now is the time. Don’t wait on the phone listening to hold music with airlines or big online tour operators, let your agent work their magic so that you can kick back and relax knowing that all the details are being professionally handled.

Every good Travel Consultant will take the time to get to know you and cares about your travel experience. Support local independent Travel Agencies and let them support you with their knowledge and expertise.

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